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8 Best Things to Do in Calgary

Posted on 04 Jan, 2024 at 05:17 pm - by Keirsten Bartley

Dive into this unique adventure of exploring the stunning landscapes and cultural destinations of Calgary. A city which is an exceptional blend of historic sites, culinary excellence and serene landscapes. This lively city promises every individual with best experiences and memorable moments. The myriad of exciting locations this city have caters to every desire and preferences of the travelers. So buckle up, and explore this dynamic gem of Canada, and make everlasting memories with its enchanting benefactions with your family. Let’s board on this remarkable journey of exploring the amazing 8 things to do in Calgary, Canada.


Calgary Stampede

If you love live music performances, visit the globally known Calgary stampede. This lively event summarizes the hospitality of natives, and thrills the visitors by showcasing rodeo performances. The pulsating beats of music makes visitors have an enthralling and unforgettable experience in the hub of this rich dynamic city. Tourists can also savor delectable delights and plunge into the electrifying performances and celebrate the festivities. This event makes the tourists witness the vivacious soul of this enchanting metropolis. No doubt, it’s a must visit destination among the other Calgary attractions and offers an unforgettable experience to music lovers and natives alike.


Calgary Zoo

If you are fond of wildlife and love to see diverse ecosystems and amazing species, make sure to visit the Calgary zoo. It’s a home to thousands of animals and offers a captivating adventure to individuals of all ages. Not only this, but it indulges the visitors in different interactive activities such as the exploration of great botanical lawns. Travelers can also witness the magnificent wildlife wonders and can feed animals by themselves. This place is perfect for family hangouts and excursion trips. This destination not only provides an adventurous escape for the visitors but also enhances their knowledge about the conservation efforts put in to sustain the wildlife marvels.


Heritage Park Historical Village

Heritage park historical village is a go-to destination for all the history enthusiasts. It showcases the cultural excellence and living history of the city. It enables the visitors to have a glance in the rich past of Calgary and of western Canada. The park has meticulously created constructions and historical buildings which are the testaments of Canadian bygone era. The park offers a combination of information, entertainment and historical evidences. The best part about this destination is the exploration of the charming village nestled in the heart of this park. This destination surely is a hub of creating new everlasting memories and engaging in different exciting activities.


Banff Day Trip

Banff day trip is a tranquil escape in the heart of Banff national park for nature enthusiasts. With breathtaking sceneries to majestic peaks of mountains, everything about this trip is magnificent. Plunge into the rejuvenating site of pristine lakes, which perfectly mirrors the exquisite surroundings. Nature lovers can also practice hiking in this park on well-maintained hiking trails which lead up to awe inspiring mountain views. Taking leisurely strolls around this enchanting town is a great blend of relaxation and exploration. If you are outdoor adventurer this spot promises you a serine getaway with awesome adventurous experiences. So, get ready now and explore the huge mountains and unwind in their tranquil atmosphere.


Calgary Tower

If you are a travel enthusiast looking for a thrilling adventure, then Calgary tower is a must visit destination. This tower offers magnificent views of town through its observation deck. To add more adventure to it, the observation deck is purely made of a glass floor. The tower is a living evidence to the city's horizon. To further make this journey thrilling, dine in the revolving restaurant on top of the Calgary tower. Which offers spell bounding views with delectable cuisine and friendly services. The restaurant is a unique blend of contemporary ambiance and culinary excellence.


Glenbow Museum

This cultural center is a seamless blend of creativity and history. This museum hints about the diverse cultural history the town. From preserved artifacts to modern art, the museum offers an informative journey about the past and present. The museum also showcases many displays and strong expressions of Canadian linkage. This place acts as a living evidence to the rich history and background of the metropolis. It conveys us the narratives of the ideology this unique allure of the town has. People who love the combination of rich history and creativity should explore this marvel, to get new informative experiences.


Fish creek Provincial Park

Fish creek Provincial Park is one of the hidden marvels located in the hub of Calgary. It offers visitors with serene landscapes and relaxation. It is a haven for people looking for tranquil escape from the bustling city life. It is a perfect spot for people who like to meander along the breathtaking walking trails which lead up to turquoise lakes and expansive woodland areas. It’s a perfect place for families as they can easily do riverside picnics and bird watching. People who love wildlife may also witness deer or other living inhabitants of that area. This park promises visitors with an enthralling experience because of its diverse landscapes and peaceful atmosphere.


Devonian Gardens

Devonian gardens is a destination with lush green carpets of grass and serene ambiance. It offers visitors with rejuvenation and helps them to get entertained. Known for its diverse vibrant plant life the garden transports guests to many themed areas. From tremendous palm trees to spiky cactus filled landscape, the park features all kind of botanical diversity. The combination of nature and architecture has created a serene escape for nature enthusiasts and natives alike. With well-maintained pathways and green spaces this park owns phenomenal beauty and highly appreciates the diverse marvels of the plant kingdom.


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So these are the best things to do in Calgary this weekend, from the city's magnificent landscapes, nightlife, to the cultural excellence, this city promises the visitors with a great blend of natural beauty and communal spaces.

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