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8 Must-Try Calgary Food

Posted on 04 Jan, 2024 at 06:17 pm - by

Calgary is not only known for its remarkable landscapes and rich historic sites, but this city also promises a great culinary experience to natives and tourists alike. From sumptuous beef and to juicy Saskatoon berries, Calgary has everything to offer. Let’s board on the gastronomic journey to unveil the culinary wonders this small metropolis has to offer the tourists. Calgary is a hub for experiences and great adventures, making every tourist enthralled with its enchanting small-town charm. Let’s plunge into the diverse food options this town has to offer and tour the best restaurants in Calgary.


Calgary Style Ginger Beef

From the list of exceptional Calgary food, Calgary style ginger beef is an epitome of perfection. The fusion of spices and tangy ginger sauce makes it a delectable treat. This mouthwatering dish is prepared with local preservatives and ingredients. The beef is stir fried on low flame with the vegetables like ball peppers and onions. The blend of varietal Asian sauces creates a dark sour taste and when deep fried strips of beef are coated with it, a great combination is made. The beef is usually served with a bowl of white rice for elevated experience. No doubt, this food is a must try in Calgary. The best restaurants in Calgary which serve this delicious cuisine are Ginger beef bistro house and Edo Japan.


Alberta Beef Steak

Alberta beef steak is an appetizing dish offered to the tourists in the hub of the city. The tenderness and tangy flavor of the grilled beef makes it a mouthwatering dish for locals. From juicy grilled filets to tender meat of ribeyes, this city offers an excellent gastronomic experience with its savoring dishes. The farmers use high quality water and optimum moisture for the growth of heavy grain to feed the livestock. The Alberta beef steak is known globally for its rich taste and exceptional quality. The strips of meat are grilled in butter and tangy spices until it's cooked to perfection. The salty and smoky taste summarizes the aroma and the caramelized crust with pink juicy interior is a treat to your taste buds. The best restaurants in Calgary which offer this steak are Tender Smoker Brisket and Calgary's Brazilian steakhouse.


Bison Burger

Tantalize your taste buds with this divine dish. Bison burger is an extremely delicious delight which consists of scrumptious meat. The classic Canadian beef patty offers a succulent and juicy taste to the tourists, making their mouth water. The tender meat is meticulously sourced from the best farms and is grilled until a brown crispy crust is formed. The burger is made by adding varietal of tangy sauces to elevate the tempting taste. The bison burger is an example of flawlessness. People love to savor the juicy tender meat with tense flavors. This dish is a must for every burger lover. The best restaurants which make this dish full of flavor are Blue star Diner and REGRUB-beltline.



Perogies are tempting dumplings made with a blast of sour cream and cheddar cheese. The unleavened dough with sumptuous filling of savory sauces and spices elevate the flavor to a large scale. These dumplings are steamed in boiling water and cooked to perfection. The tender and juicy meat tantalizes the taste buds on a large scale. Perogies can be made from sweet or tangy fillings. Often, perogies are having a sweet succulent filling of fruits like blueberry. Perogies are baked to perfection and tastes buttery. The best restaurants which serve people with this perfection are Back of the Spoon and Pepe's perogies.


Alberta Lamb

Alberta lamb is the perfect essence of tenderness and strong flavor. It’s a juicy meat with a caramelized black crust. The lamb can be stuffed with various tempting fillings such as chutney. It is mostly marinated with Greek yogurt, lemon juice, rosemary and grainy mustard. The blend of these spices makes a remarkable fusion of tanginess and relishes. The best restaurants in Calgary which offer this sumptuous food are Koob and Blue Star Diner.


Wild Rose Brewery's Craft Beer

Beer lovers who love fusion and salty sensations must try this Wild Rose brewery's craft beer. The bold flavor of this remarkable drink is a great fusion of quality and taste. Wild Rose is the best location to try out the hand brewed beers to quench your thirst, each sip of this perfection promises you a great culinary experience.


Dim Sums

Dim sums is a sumptuous delicacy which are a must to try. The steamed buns with different fillings offer a mouthwatering taste to the tourists. The dim sum dough is semi or completely transparent making it different from local dumplings. The dim sums are usually filled with sumptuous fillings of pork, fish, vegetables or chicken. The blend of such flavors makes it a tempting dish. The best restaurants which serve this amazing dish are Silver Dragon Restaurant and Ho Won Chinese restaurant.


Prairies Oysters

Prairies oysters are deep-fried or stir fried calf testicles.It’s a bold dish, but offers a delectable taste. The testicles are seasoned with many flavorful spices and are cooked to perfection. The burst of flavor as you savor this treat makes you forget about the dish’s origins. Calgary’s diverse culinary scene is great evidence of how wonderful this city is, the restaurant which serves this dish is Bottlesctew bills.


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Thus, concluding this journey we get to know a lot about different foods present in Calgary and good options for where to eat in Calgary. This journey unveiled a lot of culinary gems present in the hub of Calgary

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